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Right Choice of Plants and Aquatic Creatures

Landscaping of gardens can get a definite dimension with the addition of a water garden. Your backyard pond could go on to grab eyeballs with the right choice of plants and embellishments, to convert it into the center piece,to draw in all the compliments. A pond not only comes alive with water in it, but also derives a new character with the right choice of plants and aquatic creatures. With rock -work ,lighting , fountains and waterfalls, and above all, a careful placement and choice of plants , your pond soon discovers its new identity as a water garden.

But as in the case of any water body management, a water garden too requires a careful look at its own set of problems and its mitigation in the best possible way. Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues:

  • A water garden derives its real character from the plants that we choose to include in its ecosystem. Not only should the plants be hardy, but also be able to survive the climate. Therefore, finding unique and rare plants that are incapable of taking the change in the environment, is not recommended.
  • It’s equally important to ensure that the root systems of the plants you put in the water garden are healthy and do not have harmful weeds attached. In case you add on aquatic plants, they will to a large extent help in the survival of the fish in the pond and keep the ecology of the pond well balanced.
  • While some plants you introduce in the pond will supply the much needed oxygen for the fish and other creatures and help in providing them food, but on the other hand, the cause for worry for all pond owners,is that they may also bring along the rather invasive presence of weeds. These may grow all along the shoreline of the pond and try to invade the pond from the exterior. Weeds once out of control deplete the nutrients in the water which not only harms fish but subsequently all the other plants. Shoreline weed management needs to be tackled not only in a timely manner but also effectively,to banish any chances of it becoming an infestation. In fact, there are a number of weeds which look rather harmless and even attractive, but multiply monstrously to not only takeover the pond but harm all other lifeforms in it. As the weed grows, its roots choke the base of the pond and kill roots of the aquatic plants. Soon they cover the surface of the water cutting out sunlight and inhibiting the circulation of water.

Methods Of Weed Control

Weeds happen to grow at a pace that makes them go out of control very soon. Prompt and informed action is necessary to keep them at bay. The simple method of identification, removal and residual cleanup, after the action will ensure that its reappearance is also limited. It is quite easy to find varieties of products to aid in weed removal and control ranging from liquid herbicides to the granular variety. What is important is to note the method of usage which depends on the potency of the herbicide, the size of the water body and the area that needs to be treated. You may need to either do a basic spot reduction of weed or may have to carry out extensive de-weeding , whatever the need, choosing the right kind and the right potency of the herbicide specific to the weed is of great importance. One has to take care not to harm the fish life or the harmless microorganisms that maintain pond ecology. The follow up action is of equal relevance or the debris goes on to create siltation and choking of the roots of the other plants. Chemical treatments must be strictly in accordance with the application mentioned on the label. If you need a detailed list of which herbicides are needed for which plants you can download a free PDF at

Steps To Make Your Garden Pond A Safe Haven

It’s imperative that you maintain the balance between fish and plant life in the pond using an aeration mechanism to circulate oxygen. This will prevent siltation at the base ,and will make the water more clear. Apart from that , the stones and rocks you may have used for beautification won’t gather any moss. Using filters in pumps will give it durability and control the algae far better.

Adding a water fall or a small tiered fountain brings in natural aeration apart from providing visual appeal. It also provides the necessary oxygen and keeps the water clarity high. Another way to add oxygen to the pond is with a pond aeration system. Aerators for ponds are bar none the most effective and efficient way keep healthy levels of oxygen in your pond or water garden.

Keeping fish would go a long way in making your pond attractive, as well as keep the mosquito population at bay .

Do consider using pebbles and lighting of any kind to highlight the features of your pond. Adding day or night blooming lily to lotus, some plants that float and others that are completely submerged , would require some from of lighting to bring on its unique beauty at night.

With timely intervention to safeguard the pond’s ecological balance, a few basic innovative ideas to beautify it, your pond will merge the focal point of your garden and provide you will hours of pleasure and satisfaction.

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